Owners Chris Prine and Marcus Chavez were both born and raised here in Omaha Nebraska.  Both owners completed formal apprenticeships through accredited programs and now hold electrical licenses through the State of Nebraska.  The owners have a combined experience of over 25 years in the electrical industry in Commercial, Residential, and Industrial applications.  Chris and Marcus both worked for Omaha Public Power District up until the time the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station closed.  After closure of the plant they both decided to pursue Electrical contracting full time and as a result Electric Express is now their primary focus.  Chris and Marcus are both proud fathers and husbands who enjoy spending any free time they can with their families.

At Electric Express we’re happy to offer any electrical service that you might need. Feel free to contact us with any electrical request you might have.


New Electrical Installation

Whether for general purpose or custom, we specialize in ease of application with new electrical.

Custom Lighting Installation

Let your home or business look the part with custom lighting and installation with Electric Express.

Upgrading Panels

Many panels can easily become dated and could be in violation of code, which we can help fix.

Upgrading Meters

Life functions better with upgraded materials. Your electrical should gain the same benefit.

Faulty Wiring Repair

The last thing needed is for wiring to go bad. We can fix or prevent any faulty wiring for your application.

Custom Designed Fixtures

Fixtures are always the highlight of any project when they are custom designed and implemented correctly.

Outlet Repair

Everything can wear with time. Let Electric Express help with any busted outlets or frayed electrical.

Older Home Retro-fit Wiring

We can help with any older home applications, getting you up to code and with great standards of practice.